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Spencer King

Spencer King

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PostSubject: Spencer King   Spencer King EmptySat Jun 09, 2012 6:15 pm

Spencer King Tumblr_m5d2czfCEH1rv5bl8o1_400

General Information

Full Name: Spencer Paige King
Nicknames: Just Spencer
Age: 22
Sexual Orientation: Closeted Lesbian
Birthday: November 3
Job: Patient
Play by: Ashley Benson


Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: One green eye and one blue
Height: 5'5
Body Type: Curvy
Distinguishing Markings: Dimples
Dress Style: Whatever is clean


Quirks: Bites nails, Bites lip, Plays with hair when nervous
Likes: Torturing, Woman, Being the liked, Cooking, Winning
Dislikes: Men, Schilling, Her disorders, Hiding her sexual orientation
Strengths: Charming, Sweet, Bubbly, Good at keeping secrets, Proud
Weaknesses: Sadistic, Has dark thoughts, Violent, Often angry

Basic Information

Diagnosis: Sadistic Personality and Bipolar Disorder
Crime: Poisoned her husband when he threatened to leave her
Description of your place of living: A large mansion in Beverly Hills
Personal History:
Spencer King had always been a very strong girl. She never let anyone tell her what to do or how to think. She took charge and made people like her if they didn't. Her parents were very proud of their strong-willed little girl, so they chose to ignore her little habits. It started off simple enough; torturing ants with a magnifying glass and the sun, pouring salt on a slug and watching it burn, stepping on bugs slowly just to see them squish. But, then it got worse. Her parents received a phone call home from a teacher, saying that Spencer had taken the dissecting of a frog too far and asked if she could have a live one to dissect. Her parents though, once again, chose to ignore their daughter's odd behavior.

But, her tendencies to torture animals wasn't the only things wrong with her. Spencer was nice and sweet when you first meet her, but the minute you crossed her, your life became utter Hell. Ask one girl at her Catholic school that stole Spencer's boyfriend. Spencer tortured the girl mentally and emotionally to the point where she was scared to tell anyone. The girl committed suicide because of Spencer. And, did Spencer care? No, she felt no guilt because it was the girl's fault.

Though, Spencer only tortured the girl because she ruined her reputation. Spencer really didn't care about her boyfriend. Oh no, she was disgusted by the fact that she was even dating him; even if he was filthy rich and handsome. It was because Spencer had a dirty little secret. She was a lesbian. And, that was a huge no-no in her family. So, instead of coming out, Spencer married her high school boyfriend and got all his money.

They're relationship was rocky though. He was sick of Spencer never wanting to have sex and not wanting to have children. Spencer was sick of him complaining all the time. He was starting to notice her sadistic traits and her ever changing mood and he was threatening to end their short marriage. Spencer, who was perfectly content with spending his money and sleeping with other girls on the side, didn't take the news to well. While making dinner one night, she poisoned him. But, Spencer was never good at hiding one of her accomplishments. So, she admitted with a proud smile that she was the one who killed him.

Family and Friends

Brenda King (Mother)
Kenneth King (Father)
Pets: N/A

Friends: N/A
Widow to Vincent Collins
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Spencer King
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