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 Punkrocker with flowers in my hair...(NC-17)

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Vytautas Carteris

Vytautas Carteris

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PostSubject: Punkrocker with flowers in my hair...(NC-17)   Fri Jun 08, 2012 12:43 pm

Nice afternoon it was to be outside, and since they could be out all the time except at night, he had decided to go get a bit of fresh air in the gardens. He was feeling a bit odd so he took with him -hidden, of course- a bottle of whiskey and his guitar.

Once he was in the garden he settled down under a tree and started playing some cover of an Iron Maiden song, and taking care that noone saw him he started drinking his whiskey. He was surprised about how noone was noticing what he was doing, but also he was happy about that. Alcohol made him feel better, way better.

It wasn't until he had drunk more than half of the bottle when he started feeling drunk, since he was having such a stupid laughter. Also he took some flowers from the ground and stuck them into his hair quite poorly, took his guitar again as he started singing.

"Oh I wish I was a punkrocker with flowers in my hair....hic....in 77 and 69....hic....revolution was in the air....hic.." as he had some hiccups he also made some breaks to drink more alcohol, since he noticed someone was close to him.

"Oh, hello there...hehehe" he said with a laughter.
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Faith Vengeance

Faith Vengeance

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PostSubject: Re: Punkrocker with flowers in my hair...(NC-17)   Fri Jun 08, 2012 1:33 pm

Sitting in the garden Annabelle stared menacingly at the people she saw across the way. She of course was as harmless as a baby rabbit outside of the bedroom but those people didn't need to know that. She was mad currently at Rayne for getting them locked away. But of course Rayne didn't listen to reason, only saying she was trying to protect Faith.

But Faith didn't get to come out much, as Rayne pushed her away. Smirking she watched a guy she didn't recognize sit down under a tree not far from her and she quirked a brow. He was a bit odd but then again they all were here. It was obvious he wasn't a doctor and she soon grew bored with watching him and went back to drawing on a piece of paper she had gotten from one of the nurses.

It was hard to ignore him though once he started singing, and horribly at that. Tucking her paper in her pocket she pushed up off of the ground and walked over to where he was and sat down beside him. "Hello yourself. What's your name?" She loved meeting new people, especially those she could bowl over and get her way with. Smiling nicely she tucked her legs up beside her and continued to watch him with interest.
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Vytautas Carteris

Vytautas Carteris

Posts : 26
Points : 36
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Join date : 2012-06-07

PostSubject: Re: Punkrocker with flowers in my hair...(NC-17)   Fri Jul 27, 2012 8:06 am

The woman next to him was looking at him with interest, and that was weird, he wasn't used to beautiful women looking at him that way, especially when he was drunk as he was by that moment, so he couldn't help anything else but smile nicely at her.

"I'm Markus" he answered with a bright smile. "What about you?" he asked in return trying to control the hiccups, and he left the bottle aside. Now that he was having a conversation with a pretty woman he didn't need the alcohol to entertain himself, even if he still was softly playing some notes with his guitar, more unconsciously than anything, but at least they had some music out there where everyone looked so mad that he was starting to get sick of that. He knew he had some problems, but he didn't think they were enough to be inside that place with so many really mad people.
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PostSubject: Re: Punkrocker with flowers in my hair...(NC-17)   

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Punkrocker with flowers in my hair...(NC-17)
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