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 Trace Stevens

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Trace Stevens

Trace Stevens

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PostSubject: Trace Stevens   Trace Stevens EmptyMon May 07, 2012 8:53 am

Trace Stevens Taylor-lautner-photo-19
Trace Stevens

General Information

Full Name: Trace Stevens
Age: 24
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Birthday: 12/16
Job: Patient
Play by: Taylor Lautner


Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 6'2"
Body Type: Lean Muscular
Distinguishing Markings: N/A
Dress Style: Sexy Casual


Quirks: Will attempt to have mannerisms that attract the people he wants, can play very coy or be very aggressive, depending upon the person
Likes: Sex, Writing, Working Out
Dislikes: Boredom, Stupidity, Time
Strengths: Charming, Good in Bed, Physically fit
Weaknesses: Bipolar, Short Temper, Distrustful

Basic Information

Diagnosis: Bipolar with acute Hypersexuality
Crime: Latched onto and killed many older men for sex and money, all the while turning tricks to keep my sexuality saited.
Description of your place of living: Never stayed in one place long enough, after killing one guy, Trace would move in with another, usually lined up in advance.
Personal History: Trace Stevens some would say is a charming young man with a brillant mind while others would say he's a cunning and devious individual. It all depends upon how you look at him. He in early life was dealt what some would say was a bad hand, by not having a father in his life and his mother being a prostitute. However, Trace made the most of it for the world to see but inside of his own mind, love and sex started becoming the same thing. As he got older, his Bipolar disorder became stronger, but he would go through many Hypomanic episodes which allowed him to cover things up. He lost his virginity at a young age and it wasn't a shock to him that he was very much attracted to men. As he got older, he got good grades but that was due to a lack of sleep giving him more time to study. He attended college, getting a degree in English Literature. However, before taking that any further, he started attaching himself to wealthier older men who were attracted to him. Trace loved the attention that he was showered down with, and found that he was good at giving these men a sexual release. However, he would get bored with them eventually and kill them, doing his best to not leave any detection of his crimes. Eventually, things caught up to him and at trial, he got a Not Guilty verdict by reason of mental defect or disease and was sent to Schilling Lane.

Family and Friends

Family: Lisa (Mother)

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Trace Stevens
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