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Alejandro Cruz

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PostSubject: Alejandro Cruz   Alejandro Cruz EmptyThu Aug 16, 2012 9:47 pm

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General Information

Full Name: Alejandro Rafael Cruz
Nicknames: Alex
Age: Twenty three
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Birthday: August 13
Job: Patient
Play by: Miguel Iglesias


Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 6'3"
Body Type: Muscular
Distinguishing Markings: His tattoos
Dress Style: Semi-casual


- Has a habit of staring blankly into space when in thought
- Runs his fingers through his hair continuously when bored/disinterested
- Bursts into random fits of his first language, Spanish, when extremely angry

- Beautiful woman
- Having control
- Danger
- Dominance
- Pain (Inflicting and experiencing)
- Sex
- Working out/staying fit

- Being told what to do
- Having to listen to anyone
- People who will not give him what he wants
- Rejection

- Charismatic
- Manipulative
- Sweet talker
- Protective
- Fighting (Both verbally and physically)

- Seduction/lust
- Submissiveness
- Honesty
- Possessive
- Jealousy
- His temper

Basic Information

Diagnosis: Megalomania, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Sadomasochism
Crime: Murdered his ex-girlfriend's "lover". Then "raped" his ex-girlfriend before "accidentally" strangling her during sex. Set fire to her bedroom upon realizing his "mistake" and burned down the entire house before fleeing the scene.
Description of your place of living: A small apartment building, nicely decorated
Personal History: Alejandro Rafael Cruz was born into a rather large Latino family. The oldest of six, he was forced to grow up quickly and was rather deprived of any actual childhood. And being the role-model for three sisters and two brothers put the boy under a lot of pressure. His father was an alcoholic and abused his mother, which scarred Alex so severely that he swore to never lay a hand in any wrong way on a woman. Little did he know that one day, he'd be going against that promise. He did poorly in school and instead threw himself entirely into sports, though due to his lack of interest in his actual schooling, he was dropped from the teams. He resorted to joining a gang that ran on violence, and there he was quick to realize his obsession with being in control, how empowering it felt to be the dominant one in situations. At sixteen he met his first girlfriend, and he was quick to realize just how much of a sex fiend he really was. Perhaps because of the lack of loving he got when he was younger, he felt like having sex was the only time he truly felt apart of anyone. Until even that began not to be enough. Pain, brought both to himself and to others by his own hands, became addicting. Fights were frequent for him. Blood, broken bones, bruises, anything and everything was craved. By eighteen Alex was quite the womanizer, never settling with one for very long. All he wanted was sex, and with his charming personality he was quick to receive. When he was nineteen his mother passed away, tearing him apart and pushing him over the edge entirely. He mixed with the wrong crowd even more, losing his true self in no time.

Getting involved with a woman by the name of Sophia was the worst experience yet. She seduced him to the point where he would do anything for her. She was older, at twenty three while he was only nineteen. And when she started giving him the same treatment he had been giving others, he grew angry. She put him on the side-lines while she did her thing, and that wasn't exceptable to him. So he killed one of her lovers, brutally, and felt absolutely no remorse. He actually felt complete bliss in the moments he saw the life draining away from the man's eyes. He then went to her house, forced himself on her and morphed into the monster he was, before accidentally strangling her in his urge to be dominant. Setting fire and watching his masterpiece, it wasn't long before he was found out and sent to Schilling Lane Hospital.

Family and Friends

- Marcelle Cruz (Mother/Deceased)
- Rafe Cruz (Father)
- Fabio Cruz (Brother)
- Hernandez Cruz (Brother)
- Estela Cruz (Sister)
- Marisol Cruz (Sister)
- Gabriela Cruz (Sister)

- Petrone (German Shepard, back at home)

Friends: --
Relationship: --
Enemies: --
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Alejandro Cruz
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