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 Shayla Abercrombie

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Shayla Abercrombie

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PostSubject: Shayla Abercrombie   Shayla Abercrombie EmptyFri Jun 15, 2012 6:58 pm

Shayla Abercrombie Insert-link-of-Picture of your Character-here

General Information

Full Name: Shayla Abercrombie
Nicknames: Shy
Age: 18
Sexual Orientation: straight
Birthday: February 20th
Job: Patient
Play by Cintia Dicker


Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5.3
Body Type: Thin
Distinguishing Markings: She has birthmark on her stomach.
Dress Style: Whatever looks good and maybe elegant looking.


Quirks: When she nervous she run her finger through her hair. When she is thinking she is so quiet.
Likes: animals, books, games
Dislikes: bugs, insects, Snakes
Strengths: She tend to be quiet and is good listener. She is some type a bit sneaky when it come to people. She is also not as talkative to people.
Weaknesses: Telling a person when she is so annoy or being touch wrong. Then other issue she is not very confident in herself tend to over think things.

Basic Information

Diagnosis: Anti social disorder, delusion, hallucination
Crime: She mutilated her step father
Description of your place of living: middle class house
Personal History: Her mother had one night stand with a man. She did not know she pregnant she was dating another man during that time. They married they had her. She went to pass off as her child.But thing got worst for her when she notice that she had different eyes colors genes wise. That he start to abuse her. He start abuse her then thing went worst.She ran away from home at early age of of fifteen year old. There was forest in back house they had wild animal well to make short story short she was bitten by one wolf.Well to say the least she convince that she was type of werewolf.So on the full moon she attack her father after he abuse beat up and left up attic.Well while they where sleeping she had knife in hand she stabbed her father then she went after her mother. She had to called the police but told them about somethings.

She was taken from her to say the least. That she was orphanage before because she was underage then finally when she reach the right age she was sent to hospital for insane because no mother or father would have after what happened. She has since gone silent with that awful event.

Family and Friends

Family: Mother, unknown man that had one night stand with her father.

Friends: none
Relationship: none
Enemies: none
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Shayla Abercrombie
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