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PostSubject: Dante Goldfield   Dante Goldfield EmptyWed Jun 06, 2012 10:46 am

Dante Goldfield Cristiano-ronaldo-coleccion-nike-cr7

General Information

Full Name: Dante Goldfield
Nicknames: Dante, D
Age: 26
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Birthday: December 31st
Job: Security Guard
Play by: Cristiano Ronaldo


Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 6'2
Body Type: Muscular
Distinguishing Markings: A few piercings and tattoos
Dress Style: Sportive, casual, formal...depends on the situation


Quirks: A bit cocky, sarcastic and sometimes gives the image of thinking he's the best
Likes: Sports, helping people, animals, expensive clothes, candle lights, tattoos
Dislikes: Stupid people, cars, drugs, winter
Strengths: Taking care, sarcasm, flirting, is nice and sweet inside
Weaknesses: Women, animals, his sister, smoking

Basic Information

Description of your place of living: Small flat in a town near the hospital. Holidays home: A nice apartament with three rooms and swimming pool by the beach bay of San Francisco
Personal History: Since he was 7 he knew he wanted to be a policeman or a firefighter and by the age of 23 he had gotten to be both and work as it. He has always been really independant and left his home at the age of 16. For the rest his life has been normal and quiet. By the age of 25 he had to quit his firefighter job (the one he had at that moment) because of his asthma, and he started looking for a new job. When he found the one in the hospital he decided to apply and after the director read his extraordinary resumee and made him an interview he was hired. He is really happy with his new job and even more because he can work with his pet, Danko, a young german shepard that was trained bu the police to be a guard dog. His life is pretty normal, except of one secret he has....he has some sexual interest in his own sister, Megan, two years younger than him...

Family and Friends

Family: Scarlett and Logan (parents)
Megan (sister, 24)
Pets: Danko

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Dante Goldfield
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