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Letizia Summers

Letizia Summers

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Letizia Summers Eva-Mendes-eva-mendes-4729591-1280-960

General Information

Full Name: Letizia Summers
Nicknames: something I don't mind answering to
Age: 37
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Birthday: April 15th
Play by: Eva Mendes


Hair Color: Brown with highlights
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Height: 5'6"
Body Type: Curvy
Distinguishing Markings: None to speak of
Dress Style: Feminine and flirty, clothing tends to be on the tighter side


Quirks: unconscious urge to touch the person she's talking to (but is relatively in control of that urge), when feeling impatient she gets fidgety
Likes: rice, flirting, relaxing, movies, warm days, beach, animals, crossword, guys who know what they want and go for it
Dislikes: corn dogs, losing control, when things aren't where they're meant to be, white walls, people who hurt animals
Strengths: honesty, puzzles, compassion, mild sarcasm, helping people
Weaknesses: confident and sensual guys, animals, people who need her

Basic Information

Description of your place of living: A modest two bedroom with wide windows and open space. Everything is neat and ordered just as she likes it without too much clutter. Until you reach her personal office which is cramped with hundreds upon hundreds of books covering the walls and tables in the room. 
Personal History: Letizia had a relatively normal upbringing, but she came from a relatively poor family do she had to work throughout her schooling years in order to pay for all the fees. Holding down two jobs and a nursing curriculum proved strenuous and she had to let one of the jobs go. It was only by living without many luxuries and a tight budget that she managed to come out relatively unscathed by debt. In order to pay for those bills she did her residency at a nearby hospital before transferring to a mental institute. She worked there for almost ten years before she found her dream job. Schilling Lane hospital for the criminally insane was in need of a new nurse so she packed her bags, purchases a modest house nearby and moved in after her application for employment was accepted. Through the years she had never found anyone that could capture her attention enough to tie the knot so she had kept very light relationships. Preferring to move from man to man as she saw fit. Letizia enjoyed sex and saw no reason to deprive herself of that. Especially when she had had to be frugal in ecery other aspect of her life.

Family and Friends

Family: Samantha and Colin Summers (parents)
Pets: Jasmine, a black and white feline

Friends: -
Relationship: -
Enemies: -
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Letizia Summers
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