Schilling Lane Psychiatrist Hospital
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Welcome to the Hospital for the criminally insane.
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Max Mayers
Max Mayers

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PostSubject: Announcements   Announcements EmptyWed May 02, 2012 11:50 pm

Current News
(Things written in cyan are the links that you may click)

There isn't too much news as of yet, as we've just begun. First I would like to welcome you all to Schilling Lane Hospital!

If you've seen the movie Shutter Island, then you have an idea of what this site is all about. We take on different roles and make them our own. You have the option to take on the role of a doctor, nurse, security guard, or patient. Schilling Lane is the hospital for the criminally insane after all.

~ Here are a list of important threads to read:

(Please keep in mind that you are expected to read the rules of this site and we will know if you have not)

~ Please rate your threads as a courtesy to everyone. You can look HERE for some examples on rating your threads. Otherwise, please use your best judgement.

~ This site focuses completely on the hospital, there is no outside places to roleplay at this time.

~ If you are new to RP, here is some basic tips on what to do when you first register:
  • The first thing you should do is read through the rules that we have linked for you above.
  • You will claim a celebrity face for your character HERE, please be courteous and read through the list. No double ups, unless both members PM me with this idea.
  • You will than need to decide; doctor, nurse, security guard, or patient. If patient, than you will need to take a look through the psychological disorders HERE
  • Once you've decided you should create your profile using THIS application if you wish to be a patient. An THIS application if you wish to be a worker within the hospital.
  • If you've chosen to be a worker, you may apply for a job HERE
  • If you have choosen to be a patient, apply for your room registration HERE

~ There is also some games for you to play between posting and what not. You can find them HERE

~ If you like creating graphics, such as avatars or signatures. Please feel free to post in the graphic section Smile It's open to anyone and everyone, as long as you post up your gallery first. You can find it HERE.

~ That also goes for if you are looking to have a graphic made. You may post in the pending requests section, though it might take some time to be picked up until an artist posts up their gallery.

~ There is also a multitude of other things you can do:
  • Posting your relationships HERE (from girlfriends to enemies, any and all)
  • Posting your relationship status from being single to being with someone HERE.
  • Your timeline HERE (which will allow you to keep track of your character's current and past roleplays)
  • Thread requests HERE (if you're looking to post with someone new)

So happy posting!!

Max || 33 || Hospital's Director || Married
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