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PostSubject: Ebony Rogers   Ebony Rogers EmptyFri Oct 05, 2012 1:18 am

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Ebony Felicia Rogers

General Information

Full Name: Ebony Felicia Rogers
Nicknames: Bony, Captain/Cap
Age: 21
Sexual Orientation: Asexual Bi-romantic
Birthday: October 1st
Job: Patient
Play by: Michelle Trachtenberg


Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: Five foot six
Body Type: O negative
Distinguishing Markings: Her left hip has a small tattoo of a Captain America shield and wings on either side
Dress Style: Modest and only white


Quirks: Only wears white, chews nails and finds it difficult to comprehend the consequences of her actions
Likes: Quiet, solitude, experimenting, superheroes, reading, simulation games and painting
Dislikes: Blood, the colour red, loud noises, alcohol, spiders, snakes, confrontations and idiots
Strengths: Her intelligence, determination and her inability to hold onto a grudge
Weaknesses: Her curiousity, stubbornness and lack of motivation, but she also has a tendency to latch onto people who give her attention.

Basic Information

Diagnosis: Depersonalization disorder
Crime: Poisoned a group of children at her brothers birthday party with pure nicotine to see what would happen. This resulted in the death of her brother and some of his friends
Description of your place of living: She lived in her parents house until she came to Schilling Lane. She now has a small room to herself which she struggles to keep clean and likes to decorate it with her artwork.
Personal History: Growing up Ebony always had difficulty in making friends and even more in keeping them. Her parents were both so busy with work and so she was rarely allowed to have people over. As her brother would be twelve years her junior, she was on her own most of the time. While she was in her third year of school, she made her first friend Chris Jones. As he was a huge fan of Captain America at the time, after finding out that Ebony's last name is Rogers, he decided to give her the nickname Captain or Cap. He moved away just after they finished year seven and she was alone again. The nickname stuck though, and even her teachers began to refer to her by that name. She found school difficult, however, as she had no motivation to put into her studies and frequently got into trouble for her experiments. Her feelings of unreality grew as she got older and more isolated and soon she was only able to process things at a cognitive rather than an emotional level. Despite this, she was able to portray emotions extremely well and usually 'correctly'. After finally completing high school and managing to be suspended only three times, her experiments grew more drastic. Her sense of unreality also made it impossible for her to comprehend how her actions affected others, especially in the long term which led to her sometimes conducting rather damaging or dangerous experiments, however her lack of motivations prevented them from being too extreme. She had difficulty retaining a job as she would sometimes forget work, show up late or forget to call in sick in order to prevent confrontations. On her brothers eighth birthday, which she and two other ladies were monitoring, she became curious as to what would happen if she dipped fake cigarettes in pure nicotine (which she had from a previous experiment). This occurred when the two ladies went on a cigarette break and the kids grew out of control. Unable to handle the noise and remembering that cigarettes had a calming affect, she dipped a whole pack in the liquid and passed them out to each of the children. Her brother and a few friends died quickly and it was the screams of the other kids then alerted the ladies. A couple more died soon after and Ebony was arrested and sentenced to Schilling Lane. During the trial period her mother quit her job and was showing signs of alcohol abuse. Ebony has not spoken to her parents since the birthday.

Family and Friends

Family: Her parents are Frank and Lisa and her little brother Anthony who is now deceased
Pets: A pomeranien named Terry

Friends: None
Relationship: Single
Enemies: None
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Ebony Rogers
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