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Johan Reed

Johan Reed

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PostSubject: Johan Reed   Johan Reed EmptyWed Aug 22, 2012 7:41 am

Johan Reed Idol_billy_85_01

General Information

Full Name: Johan Reed
Nicknames: J
Age: 27
Sexual Orientation: Heteroflexible
Birthday: November 12
Job: Nurse
Play by: Billy Idol


Hair Color: Light brown dyed to blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 6'
Body Type: Slender but nicely shaped
Distinguishing Markings: Piercings on his ears, right nipple, and glans. Tattoos over his back, shoulders and under his bellybutton
Dress Style: Goth-punk from the 80's


Quirks: Snorts when he disagrees, bites his lip when he likes someone, groans when he's hungry
Likes: Hot women, his job, blowjobs, smoking, rum, winter, sunsets, romantic things
Dislikes: The rest of alcoholic drinks, too hot days, beaches, chinese food
Strengths: Good worker, trustworthy, sex, being romantic when really likes someone.
Weaknesses: Flirting, sometimes seems to be harsh and cold, short skirts, tobacco

Basic Information

Description of your place of living: A cozy one bedroom apartment with a quite big balcony.
Personal History: Johan had always lived with his parents in a really nice townhouse until he was hired in the first important hospital away from his home. Since he was a kid he had listened to 80's music, because he liked it and also because it was what his parents, specially his father, liked to listen to, and that was where he took the inspiration of his own style. He has been wearing the same style of clothing since he was thirteen, so you can say he really likes it and feels comfortable with it. When he went to the university, all the professors were telling him that if he didn't change his style he would never get a job. But he was not going to change his persona, anyway he knew he had to cover his tattoos and piercings, and put his hair to the back and not as he used to have it.

After he graduated he got a shitty job in a hospital near his home, but they didn't pay him and they made him work way more hours than he should have, so during those years he tried to find something better, and finally, when he was 23, his opportunity appeared. He was going to be hired for a year in one of the most important hospitals of Seattle. He moved there excitedly and started his work, meeting another one of the nurses who he fell in love with and they started a relationship. But when the year finished she broke his heart in a thousand of pieces, she was pregnant of her ex-boyfriend.

Since then he doesn't believe in love, he does not want to have a relationship, but he's up to have a lot of friends with benefits and lovers. Anyway, after leaving seattle he has been moving through some other important Hospitals of the country, where he had some affairs whith other men even if he's not necessarily attracted by them, and now, just a year ago when he was 26, he had an interview for Schilling Lane Hospital, and was hired there, giving him his dreamt job.

Family and Friends

Family: Gregory and Amelia Reed
Pets: A kitten called Brooke and a pitbull puppy called Man

Relationship: Rebeca Lake
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Johan Reed
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