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 Oblivion (MA-15)

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Jamison Collins

Jamison Collins

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PostSubject: Oblivion (MA-15)   Oblivion (MA-15) EmptyTue Aug 14, 2012 7:03 pm

Jamison sauntered through the corridor, keeping close to the wall on instinct. He wasn't entirely sure why, but it was a habit he'd developed. Maybe so that he was able to see everything that passed him by, and also so he was acutely aware of his surroundings at all times? It seemed necessary in this fucking place. He grimaced as his fingertips ghosted along the surface beside him, his mind churning with where he could possibly go. He'd been there for only a week tops, and this was one of the first times he'd been allowed to venture out on his own. It was both thrilling and daunting all at the same time, because he was in a mental hospital. He didn't belong here, he hadn't done anything wrong to deserve being thrown in here. They'd deserved it, what he'd done. They'd had it coming to them!

He fidgeted for a moment, feeling his anxiety slowly mounting. Out of instinct he began to scratch at his arms, the muscles beneath his skin coiling against his own touch. Even still, he dug his nails into the scarred skin on his underarms, desperate for any sort of release. "Fuckers.." He mumbled beneath his breath, his eyes bouncing around the hall. No faces. Breathing deeply he dug his nails in deeper, the pain searing through his limbs but he didn't care. It was what he needed. It was what calmed him the most when he didn't have anything else to assist him with a stronger dosage of it.

Glancing along the wall, the word Kitchens with an arrow caught his attention. He licked his lower lip feverishly, willing himself to stop clawing at his underarms like some sort of animal. At least no one would be able to see the assault he'd inflicted on himself if he kept his arms lowered. Veering off in the direction the arrow was pointing, he quickly found himself in the midst of tables with chairs, as well as snacks and an arrow pointing to what appeared to be a freezer and refrigerator. He doubted he was supposed to take food on his own will, but what did he care? No one appeared to be around. He focused on the throbbing beneath his arms as he ventured toward the fridge, pulling it open, completely unaware that there was someone else in his presence.
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Gemma Hart

Gemma Hart

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PostSubject: Re: Oblivion (MA-15)   Oblivion (MA-15) EmptySun Sep 02, 2012 5:43 am

The hunger was starting to push Gemma over the edge. She had been lying on her bed for a while just smirking at the sky at the memories of the previous days were running through her mind. The encounter with Callie in the showers, and then meeting Aurora...that woman was something else, but she didn't want to think about that so she just let her mind run through the lingering memories of the moments together. And then she realized she had not met any man yet appart from the securities, orderlies and doctors. She started even doubting if there were men in that institution, but she knew by heart that it was a mixed one, just with two different pavilions. Anyway she still hadn't seen any.....no, lies, she had seen a couple in her therapy sessions...but nothing she'd take a good look at.

Pushing those stupid thoughts aside she jumped off the bed and decided to go grab a bite. First she threw herself towards the dining room, but apparently everyone else had been hungry too and there was no food left there and wouldn't be till the next eating turn. So she headed downstairs towards the kitchens. It was a bit odd, because the isolation cells made everything look kind of...scary. Not because being there was scary, it was just like being locked in her own room, but because the biggest, strongest and most fierce security guards where standind there, and the way they ignored the mad yellings and whimpers from the patients inside made a shiver run down her spine, even if she couldn't help noticing that a few of them were quite attractive.

Apparently they didn't notice her presence, or at least ignored it so she followed her path to the kitchens. Once she opened the door a guy catched his eye. "Oh.." she muttered almost breathlessly as a flash got into her mind. Chains, a dagger, and a lot of blood all around. The guy in front of her looked extremly alike to her fianceƩ, but he was dead, wasn't he? Wasn't that the reason why she had been sent here?

Trying to keep her expression normal she moved to the kitchen to grab the necessary stuffs to make a sandwich. Once it was done she doubted what to do, but she was too curious about the guy there, so once she finished making the sandwich she stepped closer to his table. "Hey" she said softly "Mind if I join you?" she added
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Oblivion (MA-15)
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