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Grabbing a bite (MA-15) 2gsn151
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 Grabbing a bite (MA-15)

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Vytautas Carteris

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Grabbing a bite (MA-15) Empty
PostSubject: Grabbing a bite (MA-15)   Grabbing a bite (MA-15) EmptyFri Aug 03, 2012 8:46 am

Vy was pretty hungry that afternoon, so after one of his therapy sessions he wandered towards the common dining room. Maybe if it had been later he would have tried to get directly into the kitchens, by but the time it was the lower leves would probably be full of people making it difficult for him to get there.

As he got to the dining room he moved towards the buffet kind of table they had there. It was 5pm so they didn't have dinner yet, but they didn't have lunch anymore either, they just had some sandwiches and chips...things to snack. He took a sandwich, a bag of chips and a chocolate bar, also a bottle of water and an orange juice. Taking a seat he sighed a bit and started eating his food. At least noone was there to talk to him or he'd be very embarrased.

Actually he was alone, and he liked that. He left his mind move somewhere else, thinking about the stuff he would like to do if he wasn't in the hospital and all that kind of stuff. When he noticed he had completely lost his mind he realized that he still had the same chip he was going to eat on his hand and that he wasn't alone anymore. Someone was seating in front of him. "Aaah.." he yelled from the impression before blushing bright red.
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Grabbing a bite (MA-15)
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