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Anastasia Gray Tumblr_lezrj5bPev1qzh5j8o1_400_large

General Information

Full Name: Anastasia Sofia Gray
Nicknames: Ana, Gray
Age: 25
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Birthday: April 14
Job: Pharmacy Keeper/Nurse
Play by: Jessica Alba


Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'6"
Body Type: Feminine, toned
Distinguishing Markings: --
Dress Style: Fashionable


Quirks: Hums to herself when focused on something, bites her nails when nervous, bites the inside of her cheek and lower lip when stressed, plays with her hair when bored
Likes: Helping people, children, cooking, humor, sarcasm, confidence, a good time, chocolate, flowers, animals
Dislikes: Cheaters, liars, two-faced people, conceitedness, people who think they are better then everyone
Strengths: Wit, confidence, honesty, working under pressure, observant
Weaknesses: Charmers, desserts, musicians

Basic Information

Description of your place of living: A rather nicely furnished apartment
Personal History:

Anastasia was born into the middle-class family of George and Nicolette Gray, the second born after her brother, Damian. She was instantly the spoiled daughter, and she grew up close to her brother, who was only two years older. She didn't have much of a relationship with her father, though. Most thought that she would be daddy's little girl, but in reality it was quite the opposite. Her father was rude and degrading to both her and her mother, but simply cherished her brother, Damian. He thought woman shouldn't be treated as equals, that the only purpose they served was to keep order in the house, be responsible for the housekeeping and cleaning, and keep to themselves. He provided them with what they needed, but his comments were always harsh. The cleanliness and cooking traits stuck with Ana as she grew.

Her father died when she was just seventeen, unexpectedly. Although she wasn't close with him, she was still devastated, and her mother was beyond sympathy. Having not worked, she was instantly panicked with the cost of bills, and her brother Damian was forced to become the man of the house at just nineteen. Ana did her best to get a job after school and support their living styles, but without their father's steady income, it was tough. Eventually, the family had to move from their nice home, compromise, and lose most of their wealthy lifestyle. It was a difficult couple of years, and after Ana graduated, she decided not to go to school and got a full time job instead. She saved as much as she could until she turned twenty.

That was when she finally moved out, getting an apartment of her own. And in that time, she also decided to go back to school. She helped her brother support their mother whenever she could, but Damian had his own problems and so did she. She threw herself into work and schooling, swearing nothing else was more important until she got herself settled. Along the way, she met a guy though, and soon they were dating. By age twenty three, she was engaged to him. He was everything her father hadn't been, and she was truly happy with her life. They'd even begun discussing moving in together. Everything was going good in her life, until one day. They'd been trying to conceive, and when it wasn't happening, she went to the doctors. That was when she was informed that she probably wasn't going to be able to have her own children. It was possible, but the chances were very slim. And if she were to become pregnant, the pregnancy would more than likely be filled with complications.

Having always dreamed of having her own family, Ana was devastated, and upon hearing the news, her fiancee broke off their engagement. He claimed he "needed to have children" and as much as he cared about her, he couldn't be with someone who couldn't provide him with a family. It was a double break to her heart, and from then on she kept to herself, throwing herself fully into her work and everything she did. She recently moved to get herself back on her own two feet, living a solo life, and hopes to pursue a job at Schilling Lane Hospital.

Family and Friends

Family: --
Pets: --

Friends: --
Relationship: Single
Enemies: --
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Anastasia Gray
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