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Atia Quackenbush

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PostSubject: Atia Quackenbush   Atia Quackenbush EmptySat Jun 09, 2012 6:58 pm

Atia Quackenbush Odette-Yustman-Odessy-Barbu-Photoshoot-odette-yustman-10921467-395-594

General Information

Full Name: Atia Emmalyn Quackenbush
Nicknames: Atty, Tia
Age: 19
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Birthday: May 3rd
Job: Patient
Play by: Odette Annable née Yustman


Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 5' 9"
Body Type: Slender
Distinguishing Markings: A butterfly tattoo on her left shoulder (HERE), tattoo of lips on her left breast (HERE), a tattoo of her zodiac sign on her left ankle (HERE), and a belly button piercing
Dress Style: Dresses mostly in tight fitting, revealing clothes


Quirks: Left-handed, counts the tiles on the floor, doesn’t step on cracks, has this thing about having all of the doors closed, has to have everything labeled and in straight lines, time checks her silverware, gets pissed when the salt and pepper aren’t passed together, etc.
Likes: Sex, flirting, singing, journaling, quoting movies, sweets, and one on one therapy sessions
Dislikes: Not getting laid, being rejected, doors being left open, when silverware isn’t time checked, people not passing the salt and pepper together, group therapy sessions, people calling her out, authority, isolation, being alone, taking medication, etc.
Strengths: Has the capacity to be kind hearted, her OCD helps her stay organized, she’s relatively charismatic and tries to cultivate relationships
Weaknesses: Has very violent episodes and intense mood swings, loses the relationships she makes due to her explosive nature, depressive episodes triggered by feelings of worthless and unwanted, whines about things she finds troublesome, over defensive about herself, and she is emotionally unstable

Basic Information

Diagnosis: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Nymphomania, Intermittent Explosive Disorder
Crime: Killed her boyfriend and the two women he was cheating on her with in a jealous rage and felt no remorse at all.
Description of your place of living: Single room in the hospital
Personal History: Atia was born seven minutes after her twin sister, Sarabeth, and is the youngest of three children. She was brought up in an upper middle class family and was a fairly ordinary child. Atia was diagnosed with OCD when she was a freshman high school, but didn't begin taking medication or undergo any therapy for it. When Atia was a junior, she entered a long term relationship with a boy named Jordan that she had liked for a few years. Graduating with honors, Atia had a bright future ahead of her, until the day she snapped.

Atia and Jordan had moved in with each other after graduation and for a time it seemed like the were perfect together. On their three year anniversary, Atia came home early from work to surprise Jordan and found him in bed with two of his coworkers. Flying into a blind, jealous rage, she pounced on the two women and, using her fingernails, mutilated their faces. Jordan pulled her off of them and she ran to the kitchen to retrieve a knife. Walking calmly back to the bedroom where Jordan was comforting the sobbing women, she stabbed him repeatedly in the back. The two women tried to escape, but she threw the knife in the back of one, retrieved it and slit the throat of the other.

Police arrived on the scene a half hour later to find Atia sitting on Jordan's lifeless body, arms crossed and glaring at him. She had returned to slit the throat of the woman she had stabbed in the back before going into the bedroom she shared with Jordan to stab him in the back one last time. She was to go on trial for the murders, but underwent a psychiatric evaluation and was deemed unfit to stand trial, so she was sent to Schilling Lane instead.

Family and Friends

Family: Cora Quackenbush (Mother), Dylan Quackenbush (Father), Tidus Quackenbush (Older brother), Sarabeth Quackenbush (Twin sister)
Pets: Awaiting clearance for a therapy animal
Friends: None at the moment
Relationship: Jordan Michaels (Ex-boyfriend)
Enemies: None that she knows of
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Atia Quackenbush
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