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Aurora Thomas Tumblr_m0r4hzl8181rnhrino2_1280

General Information

Full Name: Aurora Marie Thomas
Nicknames: Rory
Age: 22
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Birthday: 06/06
Job: Patient
Play by: Donna Feldman


Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'8"
Body Type: Curvy
Distinguishing Markings: Faded burn marks scattered along her arms
Dress Style: Feminine, provocative


Quirks: Bites the inside of her cheek when thinking, anxious, or nervous ; Plays with her hair whenever she's bored ;
Likes: Being in control ; Fire ; Danger ; Being right ; Sexual Acts ; Beauty ; Arguing ; Dominance ; Receiving affection ; Alcohol ; Smoking
Dislikes: Enclosed spaces ; Being told what to do ; Being wrong ; Rejection ; Cheaters ; Her accent being made fun of
Strengths: Manipulative ; Wit ; Quick thinker
Weaknesses: Honesty ; Commitment ; Fire

Basic Information

Diagnosis: Pyromania, Panic Disorder, and Antisocial Personality Disorder
Crime: Followed her fiance, only to find him cheating. Attacked both him and the woman before setting fire to the woman's apartment.
Description of your place of living: Apartment
Personal History:

Aurora Thomas was born into a well-off, Israeli and Russian family, and from the start she was spoiled. Her parents were constantly working though, leaving her in the care of a sitter. But as she grew older, she began acting out, and by age twelve she had an intense and unhealthy fascination with fire and pain. She would set things aflame just for the fun of it, and watch it with gratification. Some called it a cry for attention, but only when she began showing the burns on her arms and when she set her father's car on fire at age fourteen was she sent to therapy. She showed absolutely no remorse for her actions then, and her actions all through her early-to-mid-teen years. By age seventeen, she was diagnosed with Antisocial Personality Disorder. Not because she didn't like being around people, but because she showed little to no empathy for the destruction she caused.

Aurora was an only child, and it was no secret that she resented her parents. So at age eighteen, she decided to move out with her boyfriend. Her parents were furious, and informed her that if she left, she'd be removed from their will and cut off from any sort of funds. She promptly threw a party in their mansion, allowing the most destruction possible, before (almost as a tradition) setting fire to both her parent's cars and fleeing. She never spoke to them ever again, and even as they tried to press charges, she was on the run from them.

She moved in with her boyfriend, and by twenty one, she was engaged to him. She was living her life as she pleased, constantly having to keep clear of her parents. Getting married seemed to be a decent idea, to change her last name. Become more of the person they could never find. Until one night, when she began suspecting her fiancee's cheating ways. She decided to follow him, and to her anger, he met up with a woman. She saw them kissing, and right then she decided what to do. She followed them to the woman's apartment, and there, she confronted the two. She brutally attacked both her fiancee and the woman, before pushing them both into the woman's apartment and setting it on fire, and then fleeing the scene. The woman was later pronounced dead at the hospital, both from the beating, smoke inhalation, and burns. Her fiancee, although in critical condition, survived.

While she was frantically trying to gather her belongings, just as she left the apartment she shared with her fiancee, she was arrested. She showed absolutely no regrets from her actions, actually seemed pleased. Her diagnosis's were quickly figured out, as well as her previous crimes, and she was tossed into a mental hospital instead of jail. Getting kicked out of a couple, she finally landed herself in Shilling Lane Hospital, where she's resided for a couple of weeks now. She shows absolutely no signs of getting better.

Family and Friends

Peter Thomas
Evangeline Thomas (nee Chandler)

Pets: --

Friends: --
Relationship: --
Enemies: --
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Aurora Thomas
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