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 Callie Valentine

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Callie Valentine

Callie Valentine

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Callie Valentine 384892_195598497198944_178839198874874_407590_1302479578_n

General Information

Full Name: Callie Heaven Valentine
Nicknames: Cal, Blondie, Bubbles, Valentine
Age: 21
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Birthday: April 2
Job: Patient
Play by: Victoria Bella Morte


Hair Color: Platinum Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5'9"
Body Type: Toned and curvy
Distinguishing Markings: Tattoo's everywhere, a few piercings, and a couple of faded burn scars.
Dress Style: Distinguished.


Quirks: Chews on her lips when nervous or put in difficult situations, and flicks herself when annoyed.
Likes: Thunderstorms, Gardens, Love, Candy, Consensual sex, Singing, Playing the cello, Drawing, Fire, Smoking
Dislikes: People, Bugs, Sour candies, Drama, Her family, Her hometown, Pink,
Strengths: Independent, Intelligent, Loyal, Spitfire, Caring, Kind-hearted, Sex, Bubbly, Multi-lingual, Good-listener, Humorous, Witty
Weaknesses: Stubborn, Self-centered, Crazy, Sex, Men, Women, Quick-tempered, Impulsive

Basic Information

Diagnosis: Schizoaffective disorder, Pyromania, Hypersexulity, General Psychosis
Crime: Killing her family, daughter and husband and setting her home on fire
Description of your place of living: Manor
Personal History: Callie was born with a silver spoon, and it was no secret. Her family loved to show off their money, throwing lavish parties, and while they all seemed well and fun, she had grown to see that her family was showing her less and less attention. Well other than her father. He was a little more than chummy with her. Abusing her, in more than just a physical way. And by the time she was ten, she was showing signs of psychosis, in a minuet state. She was hearing voices, seeing things, having episodes, and her family was distancing themselves from her. Her parents did send her to therapy, but it was proving to be useless, however she played it off like nothing was going on.

The voices were trying convice her to burn her family because they were out to keep the money from her and keep hurting her. While she was still young, she did want the money her parents had to keep living the way she had, without the pain and solitude. However the voices won over, and she did burn the house down, after many attempts due to her pyromania that started when she was younger, eventually when she was twenty. Killing her mother, father, twin brother, sister, daughter and husband. Her family being mormon, she grew up with the the mentality that marrying young and having children young was the best way to go, and that was what she did. Her family was close, so no one moved out of the building. Mansion or not. She set many rooms on fire, stabbed her husband, strangled her daughter, and suphocated her family before fleeing the building to watch her masterpiece. She was sent to a mental hospital then. Callie was bounced between a few hospitals before she finally landed in Schilling Lane Psychiatrist Hospital. She has been here a little while and shows no signs of leaving after her episode and killing so many.

Family and Friends

Delinda Sparks - Mother
Alarik Sparks - Father
Blake Sparks - Younger sister
Loren Sparks - Twin Brother
Darren Valentine - Husband
Victoria Valentine - Daughter
Pets: ~

Friends: TBA
Relationship: TBA
Enemies: TBA
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Callie Valentine
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