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 Natalina "Nina" Lafayette

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Natalina Lafayette

Natalina Lafayette

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PostSubject: Natalina "Nina" Lafayette   Natalina "Nina" Lafayette EmptyThu Jun 07, 2012 7:38 pm

Natalina "Nina" Lafayette Tumblr_ly6xtiw4Dm1r8yasao1_500

General Information

Full Name: Natalina Genevieve Lafayette
Nicknames: Nina, Little Red
Age: 18
Sexual Orientation: Openly Bisexual
Birthday: March 2nd
Job: Patient
Play by: Ariana Grande


Hair Color: Naturally brown, but dyed red
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'1
Body Type: Thin
Distinguishing Markings: Dimples
Dress Style: Vintage


Quirks: Bites lip, Stutters when under pressure, Cries when angry, Draws hearts between her thumb and pointer finger in liquid eyeliner
Likes: Parties, Dance, Singing, Spending time with her friends, Normality, Beauty Pageants, Being the center of attention
Dislikes: People not believing her, Her mother, Being put under pressure, Schilling, People thinking something is wrong with her, Everyone in her hometown
Strengths: Very outgoing, Bubbly, Sweetheart, Practical, Intelligent, Maternal, Optimistic
Weaknesses: Doesn't think anything is wrong with her, Quick temper, Egotistical, Violent, Holds her emotions in

Basic Information

Diagnosis: Hallucinations, Self-Harm, and Situation-Specific Amnesia
Crime: Although Nina denies it, she was the one who murdered her boyfriend
Description of your place of living: Small apartment in the city
Personal History:
Natalina had always been the girl that other's envied. She was the beautiful one, the talented one, the one with all the money and people wanted to hate her for it. But, there was just something about Natalina that drew people in. Maybe it was her pretty face, or her even prettier voice, but whatever it was caused people to flock to her. In elementary school, all the children wanted to play with her. In high school, she was by far the most well-known. A cheerleader, on the drill team, and often the main role in all the plays, people thought that Natalina had a perfect life. Natalina thought she had a perfect life. After all, ever since she was born, her mother's religion was perfection and Natalina could've been a preacher.

But, when Natalina was younger, she had an imaginary friend. A nine foot tall, scarlet figure with no face and a static voice that Natalina called Frank. Frank was Natalina's best friend, as she told her mother. And, her parents didn't think anything of it, since most children had imaginary friends. Yet, as Natalina got older, her imaginary friend didn't go away. No, Frank stayed with her. That's when Natalina began to believe that Frank wasn't an imaginary friend, but real. Frank would give her advice on how to handle things. But, as Natalina got even older, his advice turned darker. Telling her to do violent things to her mother, who Nina was starting to hate.

It really came into play when Natalina was 18, at a party celebrating graduating. She had just gradate from high school at the top of her class, accepted into Julliard. Natalina was having a good time, until her boyfriend too her into the boyfriend for a talk. But, it wasn't really a talk. No, her boyfriend forced himself upon her, attempting to take away Natalina's prized virginity.

Frank came to the rescue though. In the trial, Natalina explained that Frank was the one who grabbed the razor from the counter and saved Natalina from her drunk boyfriend. Frank was the one who slit her boyfriend's throat and Natalina had been the one to take the razor from Frank after it was done. But, evidence showed that Natalina had been the one to kill her boyfriend without a doubt. Natalina was horrified; claiming that she could never do such a thing. But, everyone else was horrified that Nina still believed her imaginary friend was real.

It was then that she was sent to Schilling, though she claims that nothing is wrong with her. In fact, Natalina knows nothing is wrong with her and gets extremely offended when other's say different. She claims to be innocent of her boyfriend's murder and "hallucinations".

Family and Friends

Jadelynn Lafayette nee Havelle
Jackson Lafayette

Friends: N/A
Relationship: N/A
Enemies: N/A
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Natalina "Nina" Lafayette
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