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 Faith Vengeance

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Faith Vengeance

Faith Vengeance

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PostSubject: Faith Vengeance   Faith Vengeance EmptyThu Jun 07, 2012 12:25 pm

Faith Vengeance Jessica-Biel-05

Faith Serafina Vengeance

General Information

Full Name: Faith Serafina Vengeance
Age: (MINIMUM AGE 18) 22
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Birthday: (Month Day) September 11
Job: Patient
Play by: Jessica Biel


Hair Color: Blonde/Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 5'7
Body Type: Slender
Distinguishing Markings: Tattoo on her back of a dagger above a heart
Dress Style: Casual, flirty


Quirks: Twirls her hair around her finger when nervous, doesn't like to sit still
Likes: Boys, Girls, Sunshine, Loud Music, Reading, Writing
Dislikes: Bitchy Women, Being told what to do, Sitting Idle, the color red
Strengths: Nack for telling when people are lying, can speak 3 languages, Quick with numbers
Weaknesses: Easily Upset, Fights too easily when she thinks she is being mistreated, No verbal filter

Basic Information

Diagnosis: Dissociative Identity Disorder, Pyromania
Crime: Burned her her families villa to the ground with her uncle inside
Description of your place of living: Faith was living a run down apartment in the slums of Brooklyn because she liked to spend money she thought she had but really didn't.
Personal History:
Faith Vengeance was born to a wealthy Sicilian family in the fall of 1990 and from a young age there was always something different about her. Her parents were never around much and she was looked after often by the nannies they hired to control her. The only problem was her uncle liked to hang out at their large house just outside of New York City and from the age of eight he always had his hands on her. It was easy to pull her way from the nannies as they could care less if they didn't have to watch her. The abuse went on for two years before she was able to block it out. She would wake up back in her room, wondering how she got there but her body tired and weak. Unable to get her parents to believe her she drew back farther and farther into her own mind. The only thing that brought any joy to her was making candles and playing with the fire. From a young age she had always like to play with fire, usually being stopped by an overzealous nanny who thought she was going to get hurt.
Until the day it all snapped inside, she had been at her families estate for a memorial day picnic when her uncle pulled her aside and told her to meet him inside. Not liking the way he was looking at her she was able to hide until everyone went to bed for the evening. Dousing everything she could touch with gasoline from the garage she lit it on fire and then sat down on the front lawn to watch. When the police and firemen arrived the house was already engulfed in flames and they found her laughing like child on the front lawn. When they asked her what she had done, she responded she hadn't done anything and had found the house like this.

Only two personalities have brushed the surface as of yet but there are at least 6 more lurking below the surface. Faith 22 (herself) , Rayne 12 (pyro) , Annabelle 18 (sexual deviant, drug user/coke)

Family and Friends

Julian Vengeance- Father
Minki (Castellano) Vengeance- Mother
Rocco Vengeance- Uncle
Antonia Vengeance- Aunt

Friends: None
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Faith Vengeance
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