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 Check Up (PG-13)

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Rose Saunders


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PostSubject: Check Up (PG-13)   Wed Jun 06, 2012 3:50 pm

Her eyes shifted around the room as she tried to see if anything had changed, but looked like the same dull room for the same dull check up. She was fine, she didn't know why Dr. Mayer couldn't see that for himself. Her fingers found purchase under the chair as she pressed her fingers into the hard shell underneath. It felt so different from the top, the feeling made her fingers itch for the softness, but her fingers stayed as they were as she counted under her breath. When she got to ten a sigh escaped her lips and she traced her fingers along the cushioned parts, searching, studying with her fingers.

"Are you going to talk?" she blurted out impatiently as he had only just been staring at her. Her hands jerked up tug down the edge of her shirt nervously for speaking to him like that. She hoped he wasn't mad, but Dr. Mayers didn't seem to get mad so easily. She never knew though. The nicest faces tricked people and she didn't like being tricked. It was why she liked him, he never tricked her at least as far as she could tell.
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Max Mayers

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PostSubject: Re: Check Up (PG-13)   Fri Jul 27, 2012 8:24 am

Max was sitting in the therapy room, just looking at one of his usual patients. Rose Saunders, a beautiful young girl that had gone completely mad. She had a dissociative personality disorder along with some other smaller disorders that weren't just as important. The girl was convinced to be alright, but Max thought that in the last corner of her mind she knew what was going on, but she didn't want to admit it, it was always the same.

When she spoke so bluntly at him, Max simply rised a brow. He was trying to make a diagram about the behaviour of her desease, how many times she changed persona and if it was just random or it followed some order.

"Please, can you state your name? I know I always ask this, but since some therapies are recorded we need to have your identification" he said calmly. It wasn't exactly true, but it wasn't a lie either.

Max || 33 || Hospital's Director || Married

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Rose Saunders


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PostSubject: Re: Check Up (PG-13)   Wed Aug 08, 2012 2:34 pm

She didn't really believe him. Rose was pretty sure that he simply forgot who she was half the time since he had so many other more critical patients that he needed to keep an eye on. It was why she always told him that he should just let her out, there was nothing wrong with her. At least, not half as bad as what some of the others had. "Rose Saunders," she chirped with a raised brow of her own.

"Can you state your name? The records would probably like to know," she mimed back as she leaned back against her chair, already ready to leave. But she knew he wouldn't allow that. Max Mayers always kept her the entire time, sometimes longer if he felt the need and no matter what happened he was never able to crack her illness. It was because she didn't have one, that she was sure of. Other than the minor obsessive complex that she carried, but she had been able to function healthily since she was little.
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PostSubject: Re: Check Up (PG-13)   

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Check Up (PG-13)
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