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 A Little Snack (PG-13)

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Letizia Summers


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PostSubject: A Little Snack (PG-13)   Wed Jun 06, 2012 3:23 pm

It was past midnight and Letizia woke up ridiculously hungry. An even though she had work in a few hours she couldn't ignore the necessity for food. So she quietly slipped out of her bed, slipped on her robe and slippers that were at the end of the bed she had chosen for the night. Her eyes drifted to a few of the people that had stayed the night and crept closer to the door, biting her lip as if that would someone stop sound from escaping. When she got to the door Letizia slipped it open the smallest crack, just enough for her head to fit through to look and see if anyone else had slipped out before her. She really didn't know why she was 'sneaking' about and so she immediately stopped. She pushed the door open fully before closing it quietly, turning the knob as she pressed it against the wall so it wouldn't click and padded quietly toward the kitchens.

She always preferred making her own food, there was a sort of calmness that enveloped her when her hands moved from memory to create meals. Right now though she only making something simple, a sandwich with some chips. Letizia pushed the swinging doors of the kitchen aside and headed straight for the fridge at the back of the room. She grabbed the bread, cheese, salami, lettuce, and pickles out and set it on the island counter. An soon her sandwich was perched on a plate next to her chips. "Oh," she was about to sit down when she remembered to grab a drink. With how late it was she grabbed a water bottle. An it was only then that a rattling noise caught her attention. "Hello?" she called out. She wasn't exactly frightened as it was near impossible to get inside with the code to the entrance and exit doors. "Is someone there?" she whispered as she tried to figure out where the noise was coming from.
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Max Mayers

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PostSubject: Re: A Little Snack (PG-13)   Fri Jul 27, 2012 8:31 am

It was past midnight and finally Max had finished his work. Unfortunately he had to stay the whole night at the hospital but snce everything seemed to be in order he decided to go to the staff building to grab some food and maybe get a couple of hours of sleep. As he headed out he informed the security guard that was in charge that night about his plans and the man just nodded in understanding.

Slowly he headed outside and into the building, walking heavily towards the kitchen as he stretched while walking. As he opened the door of the kitchen he heard a female voice calling out and when he lifted his eyes he recognized the nurse in charge. "Evening, Ms. Summers" he said smiling "Night shift as well?" he asked yawning as he walked towards the fridge thinking about what should he eat.

Max || 33 || Hospital's Director || Married

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Letizia Summers


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PostSubject: Re: A Little Snack (PG-13)   Wed Aug 08, 2012 6:04 am

"Oh, Mr. Mayers, you surprised me," she laughed softly at how ridiculous she probably looked at that moment. "Good evening and no, I have a very early shift though. How was everything?" she asked curiously as she watched the man move like a zombie. He looked absolutely exhausted and it was a wonder to her that he managed to stay on his feet.

Letizia had always thought that Max Mayers worked himself too hard, but at the same time it showed what a good working environment they had. Where the boss was right there with everyone else, putting in the hours to keep everything running smoothly. "Why don't you sit down and I'll make you something? I was going to make something for myself already and I don't think your wife will forgive me if I let you pass out in the fridge," she joked and gestured toward one of the seats for him to take a seat.

She moved closer to the fridge to take over, waiting for him to move to the chair. Letizia hoped he didn't fight her on her cooking, but even if he did she was sure she could take him in the state he was currently in.
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PostSubject: Re: A Little Snack (PG-13)   

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A Little Snack (PG-13)
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