Welcome to the Hospital for the criminally insane.
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 Max Mayers

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Max Mayers
Max Mayers

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PostSubject: Max Mayers    Fri Apr 27, 2012 9:10 am


General Information

Full Name: Maximilian Mayers
Nicknames: Max, Dr. Mayers
Age: 33
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Birthday: July 30th
Job: Doctor - Psychiatrist
Play by: David Boreanaz


Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 6'1
Body Type: Muscled, worked out
Distinguishing Markings: A tattoo on his inner biceps with the name of his wife
Dress Style: Elegant, casual..depending on the situation


Quirks: Knows when he must be serious and when he can joke, smiles all the time, ruffles his hair every time he passes by a mirror
Likes: His wife, his job, animals, rain, music, dancing, flirting (but never disrespecting his wife)
Dislikes: Sluts, not getting what he wants, complete darkness, snakes
Strengths: Is good as his job, puts effort in everything he does, trustworthy, loves his wife with all his heart
Weaknesses: His wife, kisses on his neck, snakes, alcohol

Basic Information

Description of your place of living: He lived at a small flat in New York City while he was studying to become a psychiatrist. It was in the main center of the city but was a really small flat with only one kitchen-living room, a room and a bathroom. There he lived with his cat, Murphy
Personal History: While Max was studying he started drinking and smoking, the problem was that the stress was making him drink more and more, to the point that he was having a problem. At his last year of university he met his actual wife and fell in love with her. After they got married and moved to live to a stressless place, he stopped drinking histerically. They both decided that it would be nice to have a place where to help the most criminally insane people, so they opened the Shilling Lane Hospital. A big bunch of buildings not so far from their townhouse.

Everything is going quite good there but Max is getting stressed again, so he's starting to drink more again even he tries to have his attention on their pets or his wife. Now they live with his old cat, Murphy, and a boxer puppy called Rango.

Family and Friends

Family: Mayers (wife) [Has not known anything about his parents since he moved to NYC]
Pets: Murphy and Rango

Relationship: Married to Mayers
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Max Mayers
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