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Margaret Samuelson

Margaret Samuelson

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PostSubject: Margaret Samuelson   Margaret Samuelson EmptyMon Aug 20, 2012 9:01 pm

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Margaret Samuelson

General Information

Full Name: Margaret Samuelson
Nicknames: Mags and Maggie but I prefer Margaret
Age: 20
Sexual Orientation: Straight with bisexual tendencies
Birthday: February 24th
Job: Patient
Play by: Avril Lavigne


Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue, but can change to gray or green depending on mood
Height: 5'6"
Body Type: Slightly on the slender side
Distinguishing Markings: Has a scar across her right shoulder blade, has cut marks on her upper arms
Dress Style: Varies on mood but tends to wear black a lot. Like wearing skirts and t-shirts.


Quirks: Always moving bangs out of face, holds face in left hand when thinking, attempts to manipulate people and situations when she wants her way
Likes: Music, reading, writing, walking, men, flirting, sex, manipulating people
Dislikes: Being looked down on, bossy people, being called crazy, headaches
Strengths: Quick thinking, determined, communication skills
Weaknesses: lack of emotional control, stubbornness, manipulative at times

Basic Information

Diagnosis: Bipolar Disorder and Self-harm
Crime: Killed my abusive father in front of older brother and then killed him as well.
Description of your place of living: In a single room at Schilling Lane Hospital
Personal History:
Margaret was the second child in her family. Her father was an alcoholic and abusive. When she was five years old she snuck downstairs in the middle of the night to get a drink. When she was on the way back to her room she heard her parents fighting. Being curious she decided to stay down and listen to the fight. When it suddenly went quiet she went to see what happened and saw her mom lying on the floor and her father passed out on the couch. Her mother was declared to have died from falling down the stairs.
With her mother gone she became her father's target. Night after night she was abused at his hands. When she was about eight her brother started to abuse her as well. For years Margaret dealt with the physical, mental, and sexual abuse. Whenever her father or brother abused her after she would feel a mix of emotions, sometimes she would get upset enough to throw things and destroy everything in her reach; other times she would feel so depressed after she would lye in bed and cry for hours.She became desperate to have some control in her life and turned to self harm. She knew that cutting herself would be hard to hide so instead of cutting her wrists she would use her upper arms as her cutting board. She cut herself more when she hit her emotional highs and her lows.
When she graduated high school she started to plot her escape from her family. At twenty she finally came up with a plan to escape. One night after they had finished abusing her, her rage took over again and she carried out her plan. She went to her fathers room and stabbed in ten times in the chest. About half way through her murder her brother came in the room. She smiled at him as she turned her knife around and used it on him as well. The neighbors heard his screams and called the cops. When they arrived she was covered in blood and laughing, staring at her brother's dead body.

Family and Friends

Family: Mother, father, and older brother all who are deceased.
Pets: None

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Margaret Samuelson
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