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 Imogen Stone

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Imogen Stone

Imogen Stone

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PostSubject: Imogen Stone   Imogen Stone EmptyMon Jun 11, 2012 10:21 pm

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Imogen Stone

General Information

Full Name: Imogen Stone
Age: 25
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Birthday: April 16
Job: Patient
Play by: Helena Bonham Carter


Hair Color: Greyish Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'3"
Body Type: Overly Skinny
Distinguishing Markings: Tattoo of the Catholic Cross on her foot, Scar in the shape of the cross on her left wrist
Dress Style: Reformed, mainly jackets and dress pants, very classic

Quirks: Fumbles with her fingers, Stares off into space for irregular periods of time, Runs her finger along her scar, starts humming randomly (same tune every time), Often Talks to herself claiming it's someone else
Likes: Humming, Candles, Chocolate, Black and White films, Rainy days
Dislikes: Loud noises, Spicy foods, Lightning
Strengths: Quiet, Good Listener, Kind unless provoked
Weaknesses: Self-Image problems, Easily provoked, Doesn't stand up for herself

Basic Information

Diagnosis: Schizophrenia
Crime: Almost killed her mother
Description of your place of living: Imogen lived in a small neighborhood with her widowed mother. They lived in a a small one-story house with an attic in which Imogen spent most of her time.
Personal History: Imogen was a good kid. She had good grades in school, a great relationship with her parents, and she was a kind kid. Her father died when she finished middle school. He had been there for her in the toughest of times and his death was hard on her. She started wearing his old business jackets to school after she had fixed them to fit her body. This was when other kids in her grade started making fun of her. She didn't dress like them, giving her the title freak. She developed self-image problems and stopped eating regularly. Her mother noticed something was wrong but she didn't do anything about it.

Imogen started spending more time in the attic. It was a place where she could escape from the problems of the world by herself... With a knife. Yes, at the end of her sophomore year Imogen took up cutting herself. She loved the pain more than anything. She grew farther and farther from her mother.

In eleventh grade, Imogen started seeing and hearing things. It got worse as the year went on. She spent even more time in the attic and started conversing with the voices. It was almost as if it was a personal friend to talk to instead of some sort of disorder. Her mother had heard her talking but wasn't quite sure what was going on. She had known something was wrong with her daughter.

At the end of her senior year Imogen hadn't changed a bit. The hallucinations had gotten worse but other than that nothing was different. A year later she was still living with her mother and applying for colleges.

Imogen decided she should get a tattoo. That's when hse got the cross on her foot. She loved the way the cross looked, she wanted to put it on everything. Imogen is a catholic, but that wasn't really the reason she got it.

A week after she got the tattoo, Imogen decided she should put it on her wrist. She was up in the basement talking to the voices while holding a knife in her hand. Her mother had just gotten Imogen's acceptance letter into one of the colleges she applied for in the mail. Imogen started humming and carved down her wrist, then across. Red poured down her forearm and she continued humming.

Her mother shouted up to Imogen in the attic, "Honey! There's something here for you!" Imogen just kept humming and cutting, now making the circle around the cross. More red bled down as her mother started up into the attic. She heard her daughter now whispering as she got closer to the top of the staircase. She reached the top and was now going around the corner to meet with Imogen.

Imogen whispered more as her mother turned the corner. "AAAAAUUUUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!" Her mother screamed when she saw Imogen with a smile on her face, a bloody arm, and a blood covered knife in her hand. She ran up to Imogen, heart racing and grabbed the knife.

Bad mistake.

Imogen lashed out and screamed. Cutting and tearing her mother apart. Tears ran down her mother's face as Imogen cut more and more. Her mother's blood ran down her face and chest. Drops ran down her arms and fingers down onto her daughter's acceptance letter. The neighbors heard the screams and called the police. They later found Imogen with the knife in her hand, hugging her knees, and mumbling to "herself" while her mother lay scarred and bleeding on the ground. They shipped her off to Schilling Lane once they diagnosed her with several disorders, the main one being schizophrenia.

Family and Friends

Family: Lisa Stone (Mother)

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Imogen Stone
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